Trending Uses of Hemp in Pet Food

While looking back at history, it can be said that hemp is one of the oldest raw materials and a key ingredient for several consumer items that are used widely in the modern-day world. Also, it is undeniably true that hemp has continued to add great value and play an important role in the manufacturing of recently introduced consumer products.

On the other hand, it has been widely used in pet feed. The majority of renowned companies that provide pet food uses hemp as one of the key ingredients. Regardless of the various legal limitations, you will be surprised to know that the entire pet food community at SuperZoo 2018 has showed a huge inclination towards the use of hemp in pet foods.

We have gathered the various uses of hemp in the pet food industry.

Dating back to the 28th century, hemp was considered to be one of the oldest and versatile plants that mankind has continued to use for several purposes. According to recent research, different from the fish oil, hemp seed oil contains the best ratio of Omega-6 and Omega-3 fatty acids. Keeping in view the importance and benefits of hemp, many pet foods include hemp seed oil which ensures adequate intake of the essential Omega fatty acids.

There are several cases where GLA, which is an essential fatty acid that pets produce naturally diminishes and leads towards cancer.

According to most of the researchers:

“It is absolutely true that hemp seed oil is beneficial in fighting against cancer. It largely helps in maintaining the required level of GLA in order to ensure a stronger immune system.”

There are several important reasons that make hemp a prime ingredient for pet food out of which its healing property is worth mentioning. Hemp seed oil is highly effective in cases of acute joint pain. According to the majority of pet experts, hemp seed oil helps in reducing the risk of arthritis by 25% in pets. Meanwhile, it also acts as one of the most effective healing agents in cases of inflammation and joint pain.

In some cases, digestion becomes a big concern for pets. In addition, pets are often unable to digest their food properly, causing various health issues. Hemp seed oil contributes the best to manage such issues. Hemp seed oil is easily digestible and considered as the best agent for improving digestion and preventing disorders related to the digestive system.

There are countless uses and benefits of hemp in the global pet food industry. According to pet food analysts and experts, the majority of pet food companies now show a greater inclination towards using hemp. In addition, hemp serves as a key ingredient for many pet food products and will benefit the pet food industry in the upcoming days.

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